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An Ayurvedic Immunization
One of the essential rituals (Purification rites) out of 16 Sanskara to be performed on children of age group 0-12 years. It is a golden opportunity to keep your children physically and intellectually healthy by oral administration of two drops of processed clarified butter with gold Suvarnaprashl on Pushya nakshatra every month.

Gold, which is the most precious metal was useful by an ancient sage(Acharya) for preventive and curative purpose. As the child grows, gold is recommended to be given along with various herbal extracts for better procurement of :

  • Agni (Digestive fire & Metabolism)
  • Bal (Physical strength & Immunity)
  • Medha ( Intellect)
  • Varna (Colour & Complexion)
  • Ayu (Lifespan)
Purified gold ash (Suvarna bhasma) is processed with clarified butter (Cow ghee) along with selective herbal extracts (Ashwagandha, Guduchi /Giloy, Yashtimadhu, Shankhapushpi , Brahmi) & honey.

Benefits of Suvamaprashan in children:
  1. Increases immunity & intelligence
  2. Prevents common & recurrent infections
  3. Improves attention, memory & learning ability
  4. Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, other psychosomatic disorders
  5. Promotes health & intellectual in mental retardation

Advised age group:
0-12 years

The precise time for administration :
Suvarnaprashan drops can be administered only on Pushyanakshtra every month. Pushyanakshtra is an auspicious day that happens after every 27 days in a month. The reason behind administration on this particular day is the golden preparation get absorbed speedily.