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Our Vision

is to impart correct, natural and holistic ayurvedic treatment so as to enable people to lead a naturally healthy life.


Propagate the ancient ayurvedic system and treat the root cause and not just symptoms.


We uphold the highest ethical values prescribed in medicine and Ayurved and keep the well-being of patients first.



Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center

Maharashtra Council of Inidan Medicine Mumbai
Reg. No. I-39508-A1

Ayurved is an ancient Indian medicinal science which insists on obliviating the root cause of the disease and not just in curing the symptoms leading to a HEALTHY and BLISSFUL life.
AYURBLISS is a state-of-art Ayurvedic clinic run by an Ayurvedacharya Dr.Deepa Deshmukh, who has international experience.


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Promotes immunity & improves

Strength, Vigro & Vitality

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Enhances digestion


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Delay ageing

rejuvanate the body and mind

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Functioning of sense, organs and mind


Mrs. Rajni Chenniyarri

If I have any medical problem, the one person I can contact at any time is Dr Deepa. She is very helpful and kind and all her medication solves the problem from the root cause. Be rest assured that if you take the full treatment by dr Deepa for any of your medical problem it will be gone for good

Mrs. & Mr. Sarode

You are a Doctor par excellence you can be contacted for any problem of body and solution is there from you. Your diagnosis is mostly accurate

Mr. Murudker

I had a long standing knee pain, was very wary of unnecessary injections and surgeries, took ayurvedic medicines from Dr.Deepa and now there is a lot of relief

Mrs. Renub Gupta

My hair fall made me tensed, got treated at Ayurbliss. Am happy with the outcome

Ms. Kavita Gaikwad

I go at regular intervals to Ayurbliss for Shirodhara.
Efficient doctor. Clean clinic, good technicians

Ms. Sonali Gaikwad

Had always heard about Panchkarma but now I am experiencing the benefits after getting Panchkarma treatment at Ayurbliss