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Simple ways to enhance Health

Ayurved suggests various day to day practices that help to keep the body, mind & spirit healthy. Few are as follows :

  • Rising on Bramha Muhurta (before sunrise ) is one of the healthy practices. Ayurveda believes the last phase of darkness has less Kapha and active Vata that regulates Body moments & flexibility.

  • Drinking Lukewarm water from the copper vessel after mouthwash in the morning helps to excrete excessive acids (Pitta )accumulated overnight.

  • Holding coconut oil in the mouth (oil pulling )for few minutes improves oral hygiene. Ayurveda concepts advise major portion of meals in lunch & small easily digested portions at dinner

  • Sips of water in between meals are suggested in order to achieve appropriate digestion & assimilation.

  • The afternoon nap is discouraged by Ayurveda as it enhances undigested toxins in the body.

  • Heavy exercise, stressful physical & mental work should be avoided after meals.

  • Food consumed should be freshly cooked, locally available & should be incorporated with all the six flavours Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, Astringent & Spicy.

  • Yoga and medication should be practiced before breakfast or food according to own body strength.

  • Choose to sit crossed-legged on the floor over the dining table while having food this posture prepares the stomach for digestion.