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'AHARA' (Food & Diet), Nidra(Sleep)& Vyayam (Exercise) are three pillars of Ayurvedic treatment other than medicines & Panchakarma to maintain the health of the body-mind and soul. Diet plays a central role in treatment for the longevity of healthy life. According to Ayurvedic manuscripts, the food we take does not just nourish the body but also enriches our mind & soul.

The principle of Ayurveda explains five elements (Panchamahabhoot ) theory of Air (Vayu), Sky(Aakash), Water(Jal), Fire(Agni) & Earth(Prithvi) responsible for making the whole universe and other materials hence our human body comprises all five elements represented by Tridosha Vata(Air+Sky), Pitta(Fire +Water), Kapha (Earth+ Water). Equilibrium in all doshas gives health but food habits and current lifestyle can disturb the balance between doshas and panchamahabhoota's leading to various illnesses. In order to pacify dosha's & to achieve healthy functioning of the body Ayurveda recommends Well balanced, Shadrasatmak (food with all 6 flavours) & Wisely formulated food.

Basic diet concepts:-

  • Ayurveda encourages dosha specific diet depending on the dominant dosha present in the body. It promotes whole grains, fresh vegetables, local & seasonal food, organically grown greens, whole grains, legumes & food that are naturally intelligent.

  • Discourages usage of processed food as they often lack fibre & vitamins, mineral causing aggravation of dosha.

  • Emphasizes on mindful eating to minimize distractions during meals so that focus remains on taste, chewing, the aroma of food that helps in better digestion.

  • Prefers bioavailable food meaning cooked food over raw food useful for proper metabolism.

  • Including wise usage of spices while cooking does not just add aroma to the food but also adds therapeutic values, immunity boosters & rev up digestion.

  • Shadrasatmak aahar ie food inclusive of all six flavours -Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Astringent, Pungent should be an inseparable part of daily diet as these flavours pacify Vata, Pitta, Kapha help maintaining its balance.