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Panchakarma the word itself defines Panch-Five + Karma-Action therapy. These are peculiar cleansing and detoxifying therapies effective on Physical, psychological health. According to Ayurveda disturbed equilibrium between Vata, Pitta, Kapha (Body Elements) is the root cause of all the unhealthy conditions. Any external cause can vitiate these dosha's losing their equilibrium. The best faster way to cure the increased toxins in elements are to expel them out through the nearest root thus cleansing the root to heal & rejuvanated for the longevity of life. Panchakarma therapies liquify the toxins from microchannels & expel them out through the nearest possible root.

Why to do Panchakarma
Five Panchakarma and their upkarmas (Other detox procedures) are as follows:

  1. Vaman - Cleansing upper gastrointestinal tract by therapeutic emesis advisable for vitiated Kapha dosha.
  2. Virechana - Purge of the small intestine by therapeutic purgation advisable for vitiated Pitta
  3. Basti - Colon wash with herbal enema advisable for vitiated Vata
  4. Raktamokshan - Restoration of purity of blood
  5. Nasya - Nasal oileation to cleanse sinuses

In order to make all the above panchakarma more beneficial & effective we need to perform Purva karma (Preparatory procedure) as per requirement, they are addressed as Upkarma (Supportive procedures)

  • Snehan - External and internal oileation therapy which is the preparatory process before Panchakarma helps to liquify toxins
  • Abhyanga - External oileation with herbal oils / medicated ghee of whole body
  • Swedana - Fomentation always associated with abhyanga to mobilize toxins through microchannels
  • Peti swedan - Steam therapy with special steam box
  • Pinda swed - Steam therapy with herb poltice (Pottali)
  • Nadi swed - Pressure steam therapy for individual body part
  • Katibasti - Oleation therapy for lumbar region
  • Manya Basti - Cervical management therapy
  • Janubasti - Knee pain management therapy
  • Shirodhara - Continues pouring of herbal oil /medicated buttermilk/ herbal ghee on head
  • Skin Glowing poltice - Therapy for periorbital hyperpigmentation & Melasma,skin lightening
  • Padabhynga - Relaxation & soothing therapy of foot

Why Panchakarma is needed?
Thousands of years ago when Panchakarma's were designed there weren't as many causes of unhealthy accumulations in the body but still, it was necessary to include panchakarmas as supportive treatment. Today as the whole world has been transformed adopting new lifestyles and food cultures, impacted by environmental hazards & increased stress levels, to resolve this Panchakarma can be of great help & a precious boon by Ayurveda.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Eliminates impurities from body & mind.
  • Restores mind-body constitutional balance.
  • Strengthen the immune system improving resistance to illness.
  • Reverses the negative effect of stress on the body & mind by slows down the process of ageing.
  • Enhances your self-reliance, energy, vitality & mental clarity.
  • Brings about deep relaxation & a sense of health & well being.