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More than 600herbal formulas and 250 single plant remedies are included in the Ayurvedic Herbarium. These herbs and remedies have high therapeutic values according to which they are grouped into categories of their health effects such as anti-inflammatory, pain relief, anticoagulant, purgatives, emetics, toxin digestive enzymes, increasing vitality, revitalizes and many more.

Oral administration routes play a major role in influencing individual doshas via food, herbs, spices, medicinal plants.

Various herbal parts and extracts are used to prepare a wide range of remedies like Churna (Powders), Vati-Guti(Tablets), Asava-Arishta(Syrups), Kashaya(Decoctions), Oils, medicated ghee and Avleha (Tonics ) .In order to increase the efficacy of the medicines, Ayurvedic medicines are always advised to take in with Anupama(medicated water or liquids) which carry the medicines swiftly digestive system for easy absorption.

Treatment with herbal medicines also has a strong ground because plants are considered to be safe and have no side effects besides their antibacterial, antioxidant, nutritional values as their natural properties of healing syncs with nature which holds a great advantage over synthetic medicines. Hence Ayurvedic medicines and remedies have become the symbol of safety and are highly effective in body healing mechanism.